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Parking and Motor Vehicle Regulations

In order to establish and enforce rules governing parking on campus, please read all rules carefully as they apply to all members of the college including faculty, staff, students and visitors.


All vehicles on campus are required to be registered with Public Safety. In order to register a vehicle, one must provide the license plate number, make and model of the vehicle that will be used on campus. Parking decals are required to be placed in the bottom left corner of the rear windows on all vehicles registered with Public Safety. Decals are $5 per year and are charged directly to the Thomas account associated with the vehicle.

Student Parking

All residents parking on campus should use the lot at which they reside (GPH residents should park in front of the GPH residence halls or in the parking lot located at the south end of the Administration Building; Village and Bartlett residents students should park in the Village/Bartlett lots). Commuters should use the commuter parking lots located on the North end of the Administration Building.  Any student who has questions on where to park should contact Public Safety at extension 399.

Faculty & Staff Parking

The Faculty and Staff parking lot is located in back of the Administration Building.

Parking Fines

Please contact Public Safety at extension 399 for any questions regarding fines and fees on parking.

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