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Q. Where is the Public Safety Office located?
A. The Public Safety office is located on the first floor of the Grant, Parks and Heath (GPH) Residence Halls. If you have any questions or concerns, stop in or call extension 399 (off campus, dial 859-1399).
Q. Who should I contact in case of an emergency?
A. Call the Public Safety office immediately, from the nearest phone at extension 399.
Q. What do you consider an emergency?
A. Public Safety should be called at extension 399 if: you feel that you are in any danger or unsafe in any way, you or someone else is badly injured, there is any danger to you or your property, there has been a serious chemical or toxic spill, or anything that you feel might require immediate attention
Q. What will it cost me if I have to go to the Hospital?
A. If you have medical coverage through your job or your parents' insurance, please refer to that for further information. If you have medical coverage through Thomas College, please look for information at
Q. Who should I contact in case of a fire?
A. If you can see or smell the fire, please contact your RA immediately and they will contact the Waterville Fire Department and Public Safety. If you hear any alarm, you should vacate the building immediately.
Q. Do I have to purchase a parking sticker?
A. Yes! All students who plan to have a car on campus are required to purchase a parking decal. Any car without a decal will be ticketed and fined.
Q. How much are parking decals?
A. Parking decals are $5 per year and are added directly to your student account. If you do not have a car on campus and the charge was added to your account, please contact Public Safety to complete a waiver form and request that the charge be removed.

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