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Residence Hall Safety

As students you must take an active role in the security of your residence halls. This is your home - treat it as if it is your home. Don't let people do things in the residence halls that you wouldn't want them to do at your own home.

  •  You should report all incidents involving vandalism, theft, damage or persons in the residence hall that are not escorted or are suspicious in nature.
  •  When leaving your residence hall room, whether it is to visit a next-door neighbor or to use the restroom, always lock the door and take the key. Lock your door, even if you only plan on being gone a few minutes.
  • Avoid keeping high value items and large amounts of cash in your residence. For valued items you do keep on hand, keep them out of sight and well hidden. The same procedure applies to your checkbook and your unused check supply as well.
  • Engrave items of value and be sure to maintain a record of serial numbers of such items as personal computers, TVs radios, stereos, answering machines, cameras, etc. A copy of this record should also be maintained at another offsite location. You should engrave your driver's license number and State on items. Driver's license numbers are easier for police to track
  • Don't let strangers in the building or allow them to "tailgate" or follow you through after you open the door.
  • Do not lend your room key, residence hall key or prop open doors. The residence hall is like your home; nobody should enter either one without you wanting them there.
  • Entrance doors to the residence halls should never be propped open. The locks are designed to allow only residents of the hall to have access. Propping doors open will allow non-residents to enter, jeopardizing your and everyone else's safety.
  • All visitors, student and non-student, are required at all times to be escorted while in a residence hall by the person they are visiting.
  • All suspicious person(s) need to be reported immediately to your RA or Public Safety.
  • All crimes need to be reported immediately to your RA, Res. Life Professional Staff members or Public Safety.
  • Do not leave notes on your door stating that you are not there. That is an invitation for some unwanted person to enter your room.
  • Keep your shades drawn when changing clothes or retiring for the night.

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