Put a Thomas Intern to Work For You

The Thomas Internship Program is designed to benefit students and employers alike.
Internships are learning partnerships involving students, employers and the college. Employers can expect a valuable contribution from the student interns as they carry out their designated assignments in the workplace. 

How the Program Works

Employers Are Sold On Thomas Interns!

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Employers can expect their Thomas intern to be motivated and capable of taking on and completing project-type work or a wide variety of duties.

Interns are an excellent source for recruiting full-time employees whose work behaviors and skills are already known to you. You save recruiting, orientation and training costs when you make an intern part of your regular work force.

The best internship opportunities combine research, decision making, problem solving, planning, project responsibility, leadership, and other opportunities to "test drive" a student's knowledge, skills, and abilities in the working world.

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