Career Advice and Resources

Just as you wouldn't want to venture out on the ocean without a good chart, you also are wise to seek direction from experts about your job search and career plans. Don't go it alone; read as much as you can about the job search process, research career opportunities in your field,  and be sure to take advantage of the expertise of Career Services.

In addition to one-on-one consultation from the Career Services office, research and read all you can from the experts who will guide you through the process.

Job Seeking Skills:

Creating an effective resume
Writing a great cover letter
Interviewing tips and advice
Networking Advice

Job Search Advice and Resources:

Conducting an effective job search
Thomas online job postings
Best job search websites
Maine College Career Network
Job and career fairs

Career Exploration Research and Resources:

Research career info online
Career articles online
Focus 2

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