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Bachelor of Science in Psychology — Forensic Psychology Concentration

Are you interested in both psychology and the legal system? Forensic Psychology is the field where both areas meet. Individuals with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a concentration in Forensic Psychology may find themselves working with law-enforcement officials, in the court system, or in a rehabilitation or correctional facility. Obtaining a master's or doctoral degree will allow students to work as forensic psychologists. Students may evaluate and/or treat individuals in many areas of the legal system, conduct research in a number of interesting areas, or serve the court system as a consultant or expert witness.

The Forensic Psychology program provides a strong foundation in the general discipline of psychology--the scientific study of behavior, thoughts and feelings. In addition, students train in specific areas related to criminal and civil law. Courses include Abnormal Psychology, Personality Theories; Psychology and the Law; Psychology of the Criminal Mind, Drugs, Addiction and Crime; and several courses taken through the Criminal Justice Department.

Faculty work with students to design a program of study to fit particular goals. The flexibility of the Forensic Psychology curriculum allows students to focus their classes on the areas of the justice system that interest them most, and they can also minor in criminal justice, sociology, political science, etc. Double majors are also possible.

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