Beyond Education

Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Financial Analysis

An in-depth understanding of the critical components of the financial health of an organization is what gives Thomas College graduates of its accounting and financial analysis program have a clear advantage in the market.   

If a career that combines accounting with the planning and management associated with financial analysis, then Thomas College is the right place for you. Analyzing financial health means working through financial statements, looking for areas of strength and weakness.  Whether generating cost advantages or uncovering the root cause of a problem, our graduates get to the heart of the matter.  With skills in trending and forecasting supplemented by knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles, our graduates are key employees in businesses across the region.

Businesses know that Thomas College students have the training necessary to get the job done.  If you think you have what it takes to be successful in the accounting and financial-analysis field, come join us! 

Thomas College. Beyond Education.